Our Book Reviews

Our Reviews of Books by LDS Authors

Anderson, Rachael Renee.  Luck of the Draw
Aylstock, Melissa Ann.  CTR's Ring
Call, Jeff.  Return to Mormonville: Worlds Apart
Clark, Jeniffer K.  Mark of Royalty
Kelly, Carla.  Marian's Christmas Wish
Hansen, Jennie.  If I Should Die
Hoover, Karen E.  Sapphire Flute
Lund, Gerald N.  The Undaunted
Jacobson, Melanie.  Not My Type
Kilpack, Josi S.  Blackberry Crumble
Monson, Thomas S.  The Christmas Train
Nunes, Rachel Ann.  Before I Say Goodbye
Sorenson, Toni.  Master, Messiah
Strain, Elodia.  My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
Vandagriff, G.G.  Foggy with a Chance of Murder
Williams, Stephonie K.  Mark of Royalty
Weyland, Jack.  Brianna, My Brother, and the Blog
White, Karey.  Gifted
Whitesides, Tyler.  Janitors
Wood, Holly J.  Invaluable
Wright, Camron.  The Rent Collector
Wright, Jason.  (1) The Wedding Letters, (2) The Wedding Letters