Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CTR's Ring by Melissa Ann Aylstock

CTR's Ring caught my attention right from the start.  I was so curious to know what the main character, Cameron T. Richards, would do next.  He had found a CTR ring and had kept it, thinking it was meant to represent the initials in his name.  He had no idea it belonged to "Mormons".

When he finds out it is a Mormon ring and that his new-found relatives are all Mormons, he suddenly finds himself wondering if there is a true church.  Will it be the one his new co-worker invited him to or some other?

Filled with romance, love for family, and a deep spirituality, this story really impressed me and stopped me in my tracks.  I sincerely wanted to know what would happen in the life of Cameron T. Richards.

My only concerns were that the editing wasn't perfect and that the story was a bit unreal at the end.  Otherwise, I loved it!  I would recommend this book to teens and adults.

Book Review by Celeste L. Estes

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