Monday, October 31, 2011

An Added Note on Wedding Letters from the Queen Bee

Guess what, everyone?!  THE QUEEN BEE decided to review "The Wedding Letters" by Jason F. Wright too!

Here is her note to me...

I know that you reviewed The Wedding Letters already but I was so impressed with it that I thought my view on it was worth hearing too.

The Wedding Letters written by Jason F. Wright

First there was The Christmas Jars and then Christmas Jars Reunion. Then along came The Wednesday Letters, and now we have The Wedding Letters.

The Wedding Letters is a great twist on The Wednesday Letters. The characters are the same with a few additions, but the book can be a standalone also.

Noah Cooper found love by running into it, literally. While driving and trying to avoid a squirrel he runs into Rachel, and for him it is love at first sight. For Rachel, well, all she could think of was what kind of a person runs over a bicyclist while trying to avoid hitting a squirrel he hit anyway? All seems to be going fine, and marriage is in the near future, until a secret from Rachel’s past sends her running from her future with Noah.

In keeping with the Cooper Family tradition, and despite the fact that the wedding is called off, letters start coming in for the happy couple and are compiled to create a book of wedding letters. These are letters from friends and family and are advice on love, life, and happiness. Can the wedding letters save the wedding?…..You have to read to find out.

Having just married off one of my own daughters, I can say that this tradition would have been great for her, something that she and her new husband would have kept and treasured forever.

Great book, it was definitely worth 2 reviews!!!!!!!

Book Review by Vickie Ricks, the Queen Bee at Beehive Books
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