Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Janitors" by Tyler Whitesides

by new author, Tyler Whitesides

After reading this book you may think twice about sending your children to school. I know that I’m glad mine are almost all done.

Summary: Spencer washes his face with soap in the school bathroom, and all of a sudden he is seeing dust motes and sink sludge in a whole new light.  He can’t get anyone to believe him, though, and he finds himself the laughing-stock of his class.  This doesn’t keep him from trying to warn the teachers and other students of the creatures that lurk in the carpet, bathrooms, and everywhere dirt and grime exist.  While trying to follow one such creature, he finds out that janitors can see them too.  Along the way he makes a new friend, Daisy, and together they set out to clean up their school.

My Thoughts: This is an entertaining book, definitely geared for a younger audience, elementary school, but was cute enough for me to enjoy half-heartedly.  This is Tyler’s first novel but definitely shows good promise for future books.

Book Review by The Queen Bee of Beehive Books

What Shanda at LDS Women's Book Review Blog says,


"As soon as I received the Janitors ARC [Advanced Reading Copy], I knew I wanted to read it aloud to my 10-year-old daughter the first time through. I wanted to experience the events in the book for the first time along with her to get the perspective of the book’s intended audience. We read Janitors in just a few days, with many instances of 'Mom, are you busy? When can we read more of Janitors?'...I’ve heard it said that we don’t remember facts as much as feelings. While the details of Spencer and Daisy’s adventures will fade with time, I’ll always remember how I felt every time my daughter gasped and giggled as we read..." - Click here to read the full article

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