Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review of "Invaluable" by Holly J. Wood

Available at Beehive Books

by Holly J. Wood

Reviewer: Vickie Ricks, the Queen Bee

My Summary: Eliza Moore is a sophomore in high school.  As with most kids her age she is facing many challenges, including a job that wants her to start working on Sundays, a bestfriend who she has had a falling out with because of boyfriend issues, a younger sister who is becoming distant, love notes that she suspects are being left her by a boy that is giving her unwanted attention, and feelings for his bestfriend who she is head-over-heels for.  All of these things combined would give most young people nightmares but, instead, Eliza gets visits from her great-grandmother.  Together they go back in time to see extraordinary women who help teach her about eight important values.  These values and the great example of these women help her with the challenges she faces.

My Thoughts: This book has a great storyline and message.  A little slow getting into it and not a really quick read but good nonetheless.

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