Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Guy, Three Girls...the Ultimate Laundry Bet

Luck of the Draw
by Rachael Renee Anderson

Category – LDS romance (but not too sappy)

 The typical story of relationships on the college level, but this one goes seriously wrong. A bet among roommates puts a young man on the road to finding true love but when the girl he falls for finds out about the bet, for her, all bets are off.

This is a fast paced, fun and humorous story, kind of predictable but with a few twists to keep it interesting. Geared for the young adult market, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. This book will make any hot summer day go more quickly.

Book Review by Vickie Ricks, The Queen Bee


Excerpt from Luck of the Draw:

     "This is the end of our date,” he said. “And you just told me that you won’t go out with me, at least not any time in the next eight years, so this is pretty much my only opportunity.”

     “Opportunity?” Dani raised her eyebrows. “For what, exactly?”

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