Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Messiah by Toni Sorenson - most recent release

Queen Bee here with a new book that is a must read!

What was going on in the Americas during New Testament times?  What was it like when the Savior visited the Americas?  We’ve read the account from the scriptures.  Now read a historical fiction version like no other.

In this story, we follow the life of a Nephite, Kiah, from youth to adulthood, as he struggles with his testimony and has many adventures.  Then, we experience with him the signs of the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ.  We even get to witness the arrival of the Savior in the Americas.

Once again Toni has taught me.  Even though this is historical fiction, she follows the scriptures "to a T".  She does a masterful job.  I highly recommend this book alone or read in conjunction with Master.  Either way, it is well worth it.

This book is second in a series of two but can be read as a standalone.

Book Review by Vickie Ricks

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